Composite Pump Tracks

Our composite pump tracks feature our optimised and patented design which provides a fast, smooth and consistent shape with perfectly formed rollers and bermed turns that ride like nothing else.

composite pumptracks constructed
composite pumptracks designed

Track construction technology

Suitable for all small wheels

The track is made from the very latest composite materials to ensure a fast and smooth ride for all whilst maintaining excellent grip levels. The smoothness of the riding surface means that these tracks are not only suitable for any kind of bike, but are also perfect for skateboards and scooters, widening the scope of a new pump track from being aimed solely at riders, to being a facility that will be used by a much wider section of the community.

Modular design

With a system comprising of a number of modular components, like giant lego, the tracks can be laid out in any number of configurations. This allows us to install them in any kind of location, from tight urban infill sites to open park land, to city rooftops to beaches; we can work around any constraints to create a unique layout for your site.


Another benefit of a truly Modular system is that the pump track layout can be altered at any time and the track size increased as and when budget becomes available. This keeps the facility fresh and exciting for all involved and allows clients to reduce the overall costs of a large facility by approaching it in a phased manner.

The advantage of the modular nature of our Composite Pumptracks is that they can often be installed without the need for Planning Permission, making projects more deliverable and reducing the time from conception to delivery.

Most installations are permanent, however due to their modular nature our Composite Pumptracks can be installed without the need for Planning Permission as a temporary structure.

5 Year Warranty

The Composite riding surface is hard wearing, weather proof, and offers excellent grip, delivering a perfect uniform riding experience in any weather year after year unlike conventional pump tracks, which suffer cumulative wear losing their form and shape and can become unsafe to use without a regular and costly maintenance programme. The robust construction and 5 Year Warranty ensures that the investment is protected in the long term.

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