Precast Pump Tracks

Our precast pump tracks feature our optimised and patented design which provides a fast, smooth and consistent shape with perfectly formed rollers and bermed turns that rides like nothing else. The concrete structure is the ultimate material for heavy use urban areas and its form and shape is architecturally striking.

concrete pumptracks
precast concrete pumptracks

Zero Maintenance

With a riding surface constructed from precast concrete, maintenance is no longer an issue. While traditional pumptracks constructed from sub-soil and stone need to be maintained at least every 6 months to keep them at their best, our Modular Tracks will keep their shape without any work.

Vandal Proof

Where traditional pumptracks are susceptible to be abused and vandalised, the reinforced concrete construction is highly robust and able to withstand all sorts of abuse.

Suitable for all small wheels

The smoothness of the riding surface means that these tracks are not only suitable for any kind of bike, but are also perfect for skateboards and scooters, widening the scope of a new pump track from being aimed solely at bikers, to being a facility that will be used by a much wider section of the community.

10 Year Warranty

Supplied by the manufacturer, the warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years. Combined with the naturally robust properties of concrete construction, you can rest assured that the track will provide excellent value for money over the course of its life.

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